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The past few months have seen an unprecedented level of change across the events industry, and the ICE Australia team have worked tirelessly with our clients to ensure their events, conferences and exhibitions have all been able to adapt to new restrictions, legislation, and stakeholder demands. We recognise that every event requires a different approach, and are adept at engaging different strategies to ensure our key deliverables can continue to be met for each of our clients.

We work with our suppliers to offer a suite of hybrid event technologies, which equip us to be able to deliver a range of complex and professional digital programs for our events.

  • From a sponsorship perspective, we have compiled new packages and offerings in response to the industry changes and developments.
  • From a delegate experience perspective, we have the latest onsite technology and equipment options available to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all in-person events.
  • From a client perspective, we do the hard work with the planning and delivery side of the events, so you don’t have to.

Our agile approach ensures we are always one step ahead with new ideas and industry-leading innovations for you to utilise at your event.

Despite the significant changes, it’s an exciting time to be hosting events in Australia and New Zealand, and a unique opportunity to deliver a standout experience within the new realm of conferencing. If you are contemplating a change of format for any of your events, or would simply like some advice about the impact of the industry changes, then please reach out to a member of our team and we’d be happy to discuss some options with you.